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Circuit Analyzer

Your IDEAL Branch Circuit Troubleshooting Solution. Designed to test voltage drop and circuit integrity, while saving you time and money.

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Why the SureTest® Circuit Analyzer?


Have hidden wiring conditions ever caused you problems?
Have they ever required pulling wire or receptacles, or breaking into walls to solve them? Have you had to verify existing wiring does not present electrical fire hazards, personal shock hazards, and premature equipment failures?


IDEAL’s SureTest is a comprehensive branch circuit analyzer that allows you to “look behind walls” to find wiring problems saving you time and money while letting you get the job done with safety and confidence.

Bootleg Grounds


Bootleg Grounds have been fooling inspectors for years when checking circuits for integrity. Receptacle (Plug) testers only test for voltage and can’t identify an improper wiring condition. Bootleg grounds set up the potential for dangerous undetected fault conditions.

IDEAL Receptacle Tester

IDEAL Receptacle Tester close up indicating circuit is good

Traditional receptacle tester indicates circuit is good.


IDEAL’ s SureTest can’t be fooled, its advanced processing software gives it the capability to quickly identify bootleg grounds at any receptacle.

IDEAL Circuit Analyzer indicating a bootleg ground.

Circuit-Analyzer indicating a fault with the ground.

SureTest Display provides a clear warning of a potentially faulty ground connection.

Improper Installations


Improper Installations can result in electrical fire hazards, personal shock hazards, and premature equipment failure.

Improper solid wire connection

Improper solid wire connection

Improper stranded wire connection

Improper stranded wire connection

Improperly torqued circuit breaker lugs

Improperly torqued circuit breaker lugs


SureTest measures and displays individual Line Impedance giving the electrician/inspector valuable insight as to whether a particular conductor is the problem due perhaps to faulty splicing, overly long conductor runs, or undersized wire gauge.


IDEAL SureTest Circuit Analyzer

Excessive Voltage Drop


Excessive voltage drop in a circuit can cause lights to flicker or burn dimly, heaters to heat poorly, and motors to run hotter than normal and burn out. It also causes overheating of components, often resulting in expensive damage or fire.

Examples of excessive voltage drop


SureTest measures the line voltage under simulated load conditions. Results are displayed for 12A, 15A, and 20A loads.


IDEAL Circuit-Analyzer indicating excessive voltage drop.


Electric Shock Hazards

SureTest helps you to verify proper installation and periodically test branch circuits to confirm integrity of wiring and protection devices to ensure continued protection from shock hazards.

Electrical Fires

Many residential fires are the result of a high resistance point leading to arcing within a branch circuit. Loose and corroded connections, bad splices, faulty cords and defective devices are common causes of many structural fires. (NFPA and US Consumer Product Safety Commission 1997 data). Branch circuit testing using the SureTest analyzer can help identify most potentially dangerous wiring conditions.

Cat III 300V Overvoltage protection

The device is intended for use ONLY on 120 VAC H-N circuits but has a generous safety margin for reliable operation.

UL Listing

  • UL-61010 B-1
  • UL-1436 for GFCI and Outlet

OLED with Backlight

  • Easy to read displays
  • Individual Conductor Impedance
  • Determines the impedance of the ground conductor


  • True RMS provides accurate readings
  • Conducts testing without disturbing sensitive loads or tripping breakers
  • Identifies proper wiring polarity in 3 wire receptacles
  • Identifies false (bootleg) grounds, without opening up the outlet
  • Indicates voltage drop and impedance on live hot, neutral and ground conductors
  • Allows you to zero in on the problem conductor and gives you clues as to the nature of the issue


  • Includes carrying case and 1-ft. extension cord
  • SureTest measures 6 different parameters:
    • Voltage drop under load
    • line voltage
    • ground to neutral voltage
    • ground impedance
    • frequency
    • GFCI
  • Provides:
    • GFCI trip time in Milliseconds and trip current.
    • Estimated load on line in amps.
    • Hot neutral and ground impedance ON A LIVE CIRCUIT
  • 2 year warranty

Features & Benefits

Special features of IDEAL Circuit Analyzer

SureTest® Circuit Analyzer Functions

False Ground Indication

  • Indicates when a false ground condition exists from an improper bond to neutral via a bootleg (ground jumper wire at the outlet device) or inadvertent contact of the ground wire to the neutral connection

Voltage Drop

  • NEC recommends no more than 5% Voltage Drop
  • Higher voltage drop leads to heat buildup and performance issues
  • < 108V is a poor level of voltage

Line Voltage

  • Specification is 120VAC ±10% (108 to 132 VAC)
  • True RMS ensures accuracy in environments where high levels of hamonics exist

Ground-to-neutral Voltage

  • Good circuit has 2VAC or less
  • Higher reading indicates loaded circuit, harmonic distortion or shared neutral

Ground Impedance

  • Ground Impedance should typically be less than 1 ohm (Consult local codes for minimum acceptable value.)


  • Applies a 6-9mA fault current and measures the trip time
  • Applies a 30mA fault current to check for equpment protection


  • Quickly indicate circuit wiring integrity via voltage drop readings
  • Tester facilitates faster troubleshooting to locate suspect connections and wiring issues
  • Test without need to turn any loads off
  • Test hot, neutral and ground impedance on live circuits
  • View estimated ELL (Estimated Load on-Line) on the test circuit
  • Identify false or bootleg grounds
  • GFI trip current AND time to trip in milliseconds are both recorded and displayed
  • 6 mA GFI and 30 mA EPD trip currents are user selectable
  • View results for applied 12, 15 and 20 amp loads
  • Optional leads facilitate testing for ground continuity and isolated ground wiring schemes



Part No. Description
61-179 Nylon Carriying Case
61-182 1' Extension Cord


Part No. Description
61-175 Ground Continuity Adapter
For checking grounding of cabinets etc.
61-176 Isolated Ground Adapter
For determining whether receptacle has an isolated ground
61-183 Aligator Clip Adapter
For connection to circuits other than outlets.


General Specifications

Characteristics Description
Display 128 x 64 OLED with backlight
Display update for (voltage) 2.5 times/second
Over-range Indication on all functions Display "OL"
Operating Environment  
Relative Humidity 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C) at <80%RH
Storage Environment: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C) at <80%RH
Case Construction: ABS UL 94V/0/5VA rated
Altitude: 6561.7 ft (2000m)
Dimensions: 6.4" (L) x 3" (W) x 1.4" (D)
162mm (L) x 76mm (W) x 36mm (D)
Weight: 9.4 oz (267g)
Safety: UL61010B-1, CAT III-300V
UL-1436 for AFCI, GFCI & Outlet

Accessories: Includes 1' plug adapter, carrying case, instruction manual. Optional alligator clip adapter available.

Double Insulation

Instrument has been evaluated and complies with insulation category III (overvoltage category III). Polution degree 2 in accordance with IEC-644. Indoor use.

Measurement Specifications:

All specifications are at 23°C ± 5°C at less than 80% relative humidity.
Accuracy is state as ± ([% of range] + [counts]).
AC converter is true rms sensing.

Measurement Ranges Resolution Accuracy
Line Voltage 85.0 - 250.0 VAC 0.1V 1.0% ± .2V
Peak Line Voltage 121.0 - 354.0 VAC 0.1V 1.0% ± .2V
Frequency 45.0 - 65.0 Hz 0.1Hz 1.0% ± .2Hz
% Voltage Drop 0.1% - 99.9% 0.1% 1.0% ± .2%
Voltage Loaded 10.0 - 250.0 VAC 0.1V 1.0% ± .2V
Neutral-Ground V 0.0 - 10.0 VAC 0.1V 2.5% ± .2V
Impedance - Hot Neutral & Ground 0.00Ω - 3.00Ω
> 3Ω
0.01Ω 2.5% ± 0.2Ω Unspecified
GFCI Trip Time 1mS to 6.500S counter 1mS 1.0% ± 2mS
GFCI Trip Current 6.0 - 9.0 mA 0.1mA 1.0% ± .2mA
EPD Trip Current 30.0 - 37.0mA 0.1mA 1.0% ± .2mA



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